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Free Digital Skills Training with Facebook

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Croydon Works in collaboration with Supa Network & Facebook will be holding a one day digital training course, aimed at improving your IT skills. The course will help enhance your knowledge of how to use internet based services as well as help with online job searching.  




Sometimes it feels like all people talk about is social media, making more money or creating an impact online. And, if like many others, you’ve been told your ideas have tons of potential but you haven’t quite figured out how to make it a reality yet... Our workshops for you!


We show you how to increase your following, use analytics to maximize your engagement as well as the fundamentals of social media strategy and campaigns.


From potential employers to clients, we will teach you how to build a following of people who are as invested in your content, products, and services as you are.


We give you tangible real-life examples of how to organically increase your following and impact online without the cheap shortcuts that cost you in the long run. Remember, Social Media is THE place to launch your personal or business brand.


Social Media Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of creating impactful online content to help you gain or remain meaningfully employed in the digital economy - The best tools to analyse audience insights


- The difference between a social media campaign and strategy

- How to develop a social media strategy -

- How to create an Instagram/Facebook ad

- Use analytics to identify the impact of a social media campaign




Essential Criteria

  • Croydon Resident


6th December 2019, 10am-12pm


Apply below or contact Sam English on 0208 604 7471 for more details




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